Recreating the Look : 1

    At Brighton salon our hair stylists love experimenting with new hair styles and different make-up applications.
    The hair style above is easily achieved by simply curling the hair with a large barrel curling iron and then teasing the back sections of the head and pinning the curled pieces with bobby and hair pins.
   For the front of the head , the more "crimped" pieces are what us professionals would call a mini-marcel wave pattern. This look can be created by taking a hair pin and wrapping the hair around it in a figure 8 pattern and then pressing slightly with a flat iron. When you remove the hair pin after pressing the hair will be left with that textured look.

 The make up shown can be recreated by prepping the eyes with a primer. Starting in the crease using a medium shade of green. Applying layers is the best way to create that "smokey eye" with a colored shade. Once the entire eyelid has been covered thoroughly, you can go back to the crease and add a layer or two of a darker shade of green. Apply a light layer of eyeliner on the top and a heavier layer on the lower lash line for a dramatic effect. Add your false lashes and a nude lip and this look is ready to go out on the town.

Salons in Beverly Hills won't educate you on how YOU can recreate a specific look that you love, but Brighton Salon has your back.

For more on how to recreate a specific look, submit your photos and questions in the comment box below and we will help you get that look you love.