Beverly Hills Blow Dry: What You Get & What To Expect

Beverly Hills Blow Dry

At Brighton Salon, the seemingly simple blow dry is a specialty. With complimentary, high-quality coffees and no appointment needed, clientele can be in-and-out in less than an hour and just in time to be where they need to be... plus beautiful hair!

This service begins with a consultation in order to cater to the individuals specific needs. Once a full plan of action has been discussed, a luxury cleansing of the hair using the finest shampoos on the planet begins; including specialty keratin-infused formulas as well as the custom-blended, signature +Oribe Hair Care and +Kerastase lines.

These scientifically-designed products are then deeply massaged into the scalp to ensure rich, full penetration and intensive treatment. The scalp massage also stimulates the skin to circulate blood, which feeds your hair with additional nutrients.

The next step of this process is to quickly, but gently, comb the hair and remove any imperfections - such as knots. Now that the client's hair is ready, they are seated in a comfortable chair and adorned with warm towels. +Brighton Salon always balances its professional services with top-notch comfort.

Every single employee at Brighton Salon is a blow dry specialist - so you simply can't go wrong! Here, we use state-of-the-art blow drying technology to ensure your amazing look is long enduring. Our specialized machinery also secures the health of your hair, so that our services never compromise your hair's integrity.

Any questions or comments regarding hair treatments? Our blow dry specialists will be right with you!

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