Beverly Hills Hair Extensions: Clip-In Extensions

In Beverly Hills hair extensions are almost always impossible to spot, yet they are everywhere. The best thing about hair extensions is that they offer most women that confidence that they had before they cut off their hair, for whatever reason that may have been.

But sometimes you may want to have the option to go back and forth between long and short hair. That is where clip-in extensions become your best friend. Clip-in hair extensions offer the women the freedom to constantly change their look. Aside from offering added length, clip-in hair extensions also offer added volume. 

All of Brighton Salon's hair stylists are fully trained and exceed all expectations when it comes to 
any type of hair extensions. As shown in the photo above, Brighton houses one of the top hair stylists in Beverly Hills who specializes in hair extensions. Shauneil Evans has mastered the technique of making even clip-in hair extensions look like a beautiful work of art.

Brighton Salon is a Full-Service Salon, but we fully specialize in ALL TYPES of hair extensions. We also offer FREE hair extensions consultations to find the best option for you and your individual hair type.

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