Beverly Hills Hair Styles: The Cinderella- How to recreate and what products.

The elegant Cinderella up-do is a versatile hair style that can be worn in day-to-day activities and last all the way through an energetic party brimming with movement. All throughout the day and night this princess-style updo never loses it's effortless glamour.

 The professional staff at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, utilizes a variety of luxury products to get the style done just the way it should be. Shu Uemura's best products are at home in Brighton Salon where the transformation takes place. Their sheer lacquer micro-fine finishing spray is used to perfect the delicate wreath underneath the lightweight, round bun. 

After this takes hold, the hair is pliable and baby-soft so that it can follow the formation of Brighton's highly trained staff. Then, Shu Uemura's detail master directional fixing spray is used carefully by trained hands on the rest of the hair to ensure that the style is here to stay. With this stylish appearance, you can look and feel secure knowing that your hair is styled only by the best of minds, products, and fashions.

You first start by dirtying up the hair using a light hold or pliable hair spray, so that it provides a type of smoothing effect. Using a nylon brush, you comb the hair up into a high and tight pony tail. Spraying the light hold hair spray as you comb your sections will benefit you in the timing department. Once your pony tail is smoothed take a 1/4 inch section from the pony tail and leave it aside, you will need it later. 

Updo's such as this require the use of a bun shaper. The bun shaper acts as a foundation for the bun itself and actually provides the shape of the overall look. You will put the pony tail into the center of the shaper. Working with 1/2 in. sections, wrap and pin the hair over top of the shaper (spraying with that light hold hair spray) until all but that 1/4 in section is wrapped smoothly over the shaper. 

Take the 1/4 inch piece and spray heavily with the light hold hair spray while gently twisting it (you could even braid it for a fun look) and wrap loosely around the base of the bun. secure with hair pins, spray all over with Detail Master Fixing Spray and VOILA! The Cinderella is complete.