Beverly Hills Ombre's: Why you want it and How to get it.

Ombre's have been a trend that has come in and out of style. In the past most people thought that people who had two-three inches of new growth was, in a sense, trashy. When this technique is perfected, trashy is not the word any professional in the hair industry would use to describe it.

Ombre by definition is shaded or graduated in tone: said of color. Gradually fading dark to light or light to dark. Brighton Salon's stylist, Romina Shoar, is one of those stylists that has perfected the art of an Ombre. As you can see in the photo above, Romina has an uncanny ability to perfectly blend the shading of color and tones.

Although, you can go into any store and purchase something called "Ombre in a box" I would NEVER recommend doing this. Ombre is not something that can come out of a box color. It's all about the application and how the color is literally melted into each other. There is a significant amount of teasing of the hair involved with this technique.

Using slightly diagonal partings, you tease the hair towards the scalp, depending on the results desired is how the stylist determines exactly HOW MUCH to tease the hair. Place remaining hair onto the foil with enlightener, wrap and continue this process throughout the ends of the hair all over.

The fun part with Ombre's is the stylists can become extremely creative with this technique by using fashion colors such as: platinum blonde to a cotton candy pink, dark blue to light blue. The possibilities are endless.

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