Body Wax by Nicoleta Barbarasa

Brighton Salon offers a wide range of services when it comes to body waxing. From a simple eyebrow wax to a leg wax, Brighton Salon has got you fully covered. Not only do we possess the most sought after waxing specialist in Beverly Hills, Nicoleta, but she works with your natural face shape and bone structure to sculpt the perfect brow line, she also only uses the best products that will reduce redness and irritated skin post wax.

Now let me just touch on one thing here: there is a huge misconception with waxing. Everyone tends to think that this is a service only for women and that couldn't be any further from the truth. Many of Nicoleta's clients are men.  We have all heard a man at one point say he is embarrassed about his chest, back, or even his ear hair. These are all common services of Nicoleta's.

So if you have unwanted hair come visit Nicoleta Barbarasa at Brighton Salon for the best full body wax experience.