Hair Cuts: Dani Faraj of Beverly Hills Signature Layering Technique.

Brighton Salon is home to the most creative stylist in Beverly Hills, Ca. Lead stylist and Salon Director, Dani Faraj has a one of a kind hair cutting technique that is a signature trademark. 

The ponytail layering technique. This style of cutting preserves length while creating a "V" shape perimeter. 

As shown in the photo above, Dani works with the individuals natural hair growth patterns and combs the hair up into a ponytail that rests high on the forehead. Depending on the amount of length the clients wants off he cuts a straight line in a carefully selected area. If you were to remove the ponytail after cutting that straight line your result would be very disconnected layers.

In order to keep Dani's signature cut a secret, I can not divulge the process thereafter, but I can say that the layering is one of the most beautiful haircuts I have ever seen.

At Brighton Salon, and most other professional hair stylists in Beverly Hills refer to a haircut with Dani as "The Dani Faraj Experience". Simply because that's exactly what it is, an experience. 

Aside from his amazing skills as an artist, Dani is one of Brighton's most prized characters. His personality and side-splitting humor is the light of the salon. As the leader of Brighton Salon, Dani has the best guidance to his team and consults with every client that walks through the doors to ensure that every client will leave exceptionally happy.

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