Hair Color: Fresh Color- RED

Getting a hot new color to ring in the new year?? If you have been thinking about transitioning into any shade of red, let me give you a bit of advice.

As red is the strongest of pigments in the color wheel, it can be quite tricky to maintain, but don't let that influence your decision. Coloring your hair any shade of red can really change your appearance. 

If you are looking to change to something similar to the photo above you can maintain that bright ruby red by simply using one of the methods below. 

1) Aveda offers the best solution when it comes to red color shades. Their Madder Root Shampoo and Condition is a color depositing shampoo line that restores red pigments into the hair shaft. The benefits of this brand is that is all natural. Babasso plant extract produces a vibrant red color which is the main ingredient in the Madder Root line. The Madder Root conditioner can also be used as a conditioning treatment to the hair, while restoring those beautiful warm tones. Not to mention the silky after feeling once dried.

2) Using color safe shampoo and conditioners can help prolong your fresh color for 6-8 weeks. Along with color safe options it is best to wash your hair with tepid or cool water. This helps to not open the hair cuticle allowing the color pigment molecules to become diluted. This trick is something that most hair stylists in Beverly Hills won't tell you simply because they want to see you more often, but in all reality it is better for the hair.  

At Brighton Salon you can count on our expertise to guide you towards the best option for you as far as complimenting your color with your natural skin color and underlying tones, as well as, your eye color.

 Have questions about how to maintain your current color?? No problem! Post a photo in the comment box below with your questions and our stylists will be happy to provide you with the best options for you!