Hair Cuts: Long Concave with Soft Volume- What, Who and How.

The Long Concave: 

What: The Concept of the Long Concave layering technique is to release weight and create movement.

In order to create soft volume would be by round brushing the hair which us stylists refer to as a Round Brush Soft Set: in simplified terms we just blow dry the hair using a round brush. (or for heavy volume a round brush hard set, which is the same as a soft set except you clip the curls up to set and cool)

Who: Most face shapes can pull off this haircut, but it is most suitable for those with a strong jaw line. As this haircut produces face framing layers.

How: There are two sections. Be sure that the sections are accurate and balanced. What you carve on the inside, you get on the outside. Begin the long concave technique by creating a safety section, a small triangle that is cut into gravity, this is your guide.
Begin taking diagonal partings on the right side and over-direct to the left side. Cut "T" to the section and parallel to the part. Comb hair at comb elevation. Repeat this process on the left side. 

Continue taking 1/4 in. diagonal sections that mirror the safety section. From here you will ping pong from right to left for the entire technique. Upon reaching the apex, elevation becomes stationary. Continue down the back of the head until no hair reaches.

Always be sure to check for balance and continuity (even in length).  Choose appropriate styling products that offer benefits for volume and hold. Style and blow-dry with a round brush.

This is a very popular Haircut in Beverly Hills. Are you ready for your new layers? Stop in and see Team Brighton at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills Ca.