Hair Cuts: Natural Graduation with Denman Half Round- What, Who and How.

What: The Concept of the Natural Graduation technique is to build weight and create movement. The benefit of the denman half round is to smooth and create a bevel (curled under).

Who: The Natural Graduation is a very popular haircut in Beverly Hills Ca. This haircut is perfect for most face shapes as it creates a frame around the jaw and neck line.

How: Be sure that sections are accurate and balanced. What you carve on the inside, you get on the outside.

Begin the Natural Graduation by using six basic sections. Sections one and two are cut using the one length technique (see one length above the shoulders technique) In sections three and four release a one inch subsection. Begin in the center. Take a one inch by half inch subsection. Using the top of the comb, check for comb elevation. Be sure that the hair is "T" to the section, and that you are cutting parallel to the part. Cut center right, then center left. Cut in primary scissor position (thumb pointed outward). 

Continue through three and four using comb elevation. Upon reaching the first section in front of the ear, there is NO elevation. Revert back to the one length technique. When you reach the top of five and six, switch to half inch subsections.

Always be sure to cross check your work.

Finish the hair style by choosing the appropriate styling products that offer benefits such as smoothing and light to medium hold. Blow dry and style with a Denman brush and bevel the ends of the hair inward towards the neck and face line. 

Apply a finishing product to dry hair to enhance the benefit.

This hairstyle is a favorite among the hair stylists at Brighton Salon.