Hair Cuts: One Length ABOVE the Shoulders (NO TOE)- What, Who and How. Carefree Hair Styles Beverly Hills


What: The concept of a one length above the shoulders is maximum weight. No TOE means no Tension, no Over-directing, no Elevation. 

Who: This popular haircut in Beverly Hills is most suitable for those who are wanting a carefree look with minimum styling time. This hair cut can be made into a sassy style by adding a short fringe into the mix.

How: There are six sections. Be sure that sections are accurate and balanced. What you carve on the inside, you get on the outside.

Sections one and two are cut with minimum tension, using the wide teeth of the comb. Use 1/2 inch subsections. The head position should be slightly forward. The perimeter should hit you mid-chest. Use secondary scissor positioning at all times (thumb facing downward towards the floor).

Sections three and four are cut with minimum tension as well. Always be sure that the comb is parallel to the part. With the hair "T" to the section. Sections five and six are cut with minimum tension. Have the guest look over their shoulder to cut side perimeters. Be sure to tap the ear to release tension. Always be mindful of guests body and head position at all times.

Always cut hair into gravity (or natural fall).

The best way to see the lines of this cut when hair styling, I recommend a denman flatwrap, which is taking a denman brush and slowly brushing left to right following the brush with a blow-dryer. This promotes lift at the root but smoothness throughout the mid-lengths to ends.

Always apply a finishing product for hold to enhance the benefit.