Hair Extensions in Beverly Hills: Solutions and Benefits for those with Hair Loss.

Many individuals need hair extensions for a variety of reasons. Long, thick, and healthy hair symbolizes vitality and well-being - so let us make sure it stays that way!

 The causes of brittle, thin, lackluster, balding, weak, degraded, and/or dull hair stem from several causes: - Improper/overly frequent washing.
            - Rough and hasty brushing/combing of the hair (especially when wet).
            - Excessive and/or improperly done heat-styling (flat ironing or blow drying).
            - Nutritional deficiencies.
            - Frequent chemical color treatments. 
            - Genetic predisposition and/or disease. 
            - Varied environmental factors and toxins (sun, salt, chlorine, smoke, etc...). 

 There are so many reasons for the degradation of hair... and fortunately Brighton Salon has an equal amount of solutions! 

 Hair Thickening Methods (all 100% natural, high-tech, breathable human hair): 
            - Hairdreams patented strands for lasting volume. These specialized strands are lengthened to individual client preferences and are 100% customizable for the most natural look and feel. The result is long-lasting, highly durable wear and full, voluminous hair.
            - Hairdreams MicroLines technology rejuvenates thin to advanced hair loss at the top crown of the head. Color, length, and texture are perfectly fitted to style on each individual client to ensure maximum satisfaction. These are permanently attached and last for numerous months. A huge benefit is that MicroLines are so versatile that you can do any activity with them - even going to saunas or swimming. 
           - TopHair treatment is a revolutionary new treatment for immediate hair thickening. Clients can choose to utilize permanent or temporary treatments.
           - HighLines rejuvenation treatment maximizes volume with micro-fine invisible threads and is ideally structured to change the color of damaged hair. Various shades are available, including special strand effects like highlights or lowlights.

 The best part? This unique color treatment is done gently with zero synthetic chemicals! 

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