Hair Styles: Men's Classic Slick-Back (another version of the Pompadour)

Men's Hair Styles: Men's Classic Slick-Back/Pompadour

The Men's Classic Slick-Back Hairstyle (a lax version of The Pompadour) is a timeless style that is effortless to wear. This is an extremely popular hair style that works with all clothing and can be maintained daily with ease.

First, a hair stylist cuts the hair to an appropriate length. This is not strictly set as the style works with varied medium male hair lengths, but the hair cannot be excessively short or long. The hair is then gently combed back from the forehead in the direction of the neck's base. The sides are combed to the middle of the head's back, and excess hair is neatly trimmed.

Then, a luxury and high-grade pomade is used. Pomades are waxy substances that are used to stabilize the hair and keep it in place. This is an essential product for this hair style. Pomades make the hair appear shiny and slick, but without drying the hair's natural oils. At Brighton Salon, the exclusive +Shu Uemura pomade is used as it defines the hair and adds texture in a powerful but still pliable hold. It has an elegant silky matte finish as characteristic of the luxe Shu Uemura products.

Lastly, the extremely sought-after Shu Uemura Absolue Cream in Oil is carefully applied. This product is a highly nourishing, fast-absorbing antioxidant treatment that polishes, hydrates, and protects the finalized hair while providing humidity defense to the hair.

This particular style shown in the picture is the exact design, but with applied blow dry heat to lighten the look and give it a cleaner texture for which the hair to run by.

At this point the Men's Classic Slick-Back Hairstyle is complete and ready to rock. Wear this easy and super durable look anywhere at anytime, especially strolling the streets of +Beverly Hills.

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