Hair Color: High Lift Blondes- how to protect the integrity of your hair.

Hair Stylists in Beverly Hills, Ca are oh too familiar with High Lift Blondes, but lets be real, when you make the giant decision to go platinum blonde, your hair stylists don't really tell you the process that really happens to your hair.

The results come out beautiful, but what happens to the integrity of your hair? As a hair stylist myself, I always like to make sure that my clients are fully aware of WHAT they are getting into. It's not just a simple color change. It really is a commitment.

First of all, think of healthy hair as a fresh pine cone. All of the spores still closed tightly. Whenever you lighten the hair at any level, that fresh pine cone begins to dry out and the spores begin to open. With high lift blondes, the cuticle is literally blown open (this causes breakage, frizziness or stretching of the hair due to loss of elasticity). So if you've seen a dried out pine cone on the sidewalk, this is a very good visual of what your hair looks like after it has been fully lifted.

So what I want to explain to you Blondes out there is how to help close that cuticle back down to avoid breakage, preserve elasticity of the hair and help save the integrity of your hair overall.

Doing weekly conditioning treatments can help in a MAJOR way. A great conditioning treatment that I would recommend would be Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense. This one product offers many benefits to you high lift blondes out there. It offers complete and intense nutrition for dry hair, deeply penetrates the fiber with nourishment from mid-lengths to ends, adds weightless nutrition for suppleness and long lasting defense against returning dryness.

Brighton Salon not only specializes in High Lift Blondes, but we also offer the best solutions available to keep and hold onto the integrity of the hair.

Get your Blonding done with the best Hair Salon in Beverly Hills you will NOT regret it!

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