Hair Styles: How to Keep Fresh Looking Curls

 Have you ever curled your hair and used an entire can of that "amazing" hairspray and your curls STILL end up falling flat?

Well the reason this keeps happening is very simple and extremely easy to fix. When curling your hair start by taking sections from the back hairline that are the same size as the tool you are using. For example, if you are using a 1.5 inch curling iron, then take 1.5 in high sections. Before you apply any heat to the hair spray with a flex hold hairspray and then curl the hair. After to remove the hair from the iron roll it back up from end to scalp to hold the curl formation and clip it at the roots.

Doing this method allows the curls to completely cool while the hydrogen bonds in the hair have settled into the new formation. Continue this method throughout the entire head.

After all the hair has been curled and clipped, spray your head again with that light hold hairspray and then one by one starting from the base in the back, start removing the clips. Your curls will look EXACTLY like the curls in the photo above.

One more tip, it is always a good idea to brush out your curls, unless you're going for the "goldilocks" look. You should flip the head over after brushing and spray once more with that light hold hairspray.

Just remember "If you want a curl to stay then you must clip it up and away." That's how I remembered to set the curls at least.

Most hair stylists in Beverly Hills can come up with some sort of curling technique, but Brighton Salon doesn't let you walk out the door without full confidence that your curls will last. We'll even give you tips on how to refresh them the next day. How many Beverly Hills Hair Salons will do that for you? Just one. Brighton Salon.