Let's Talk Body Waxing.

Body Waxing. We all know it and some of us may love it. But this one is for the skeptics
we have out there about body waxing. 

Here are just some of the benefits of body waxing: 

1) Lasts longer than shaving because waxing removes the hair from the follicle.
2) Contrary to popular belief, Waxing is not painful. When done properly body waxing
is virtually pain free. 
3) Shaving can cause rashes on sensitive skin types.
4) Waxing actually leaves the skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated. 

 Our Brow and Body Waxing Specialist, Nicoleta has perfected the art of waxing. Never worry
about feeling any discomfort during any wax service. Her well sought after waxing skills 
are the best in Beverly Hills. 

Most hair salons in Beverly Hills do not offer the full range of waxing services so don't waste your time looking for the perfect place when You've already found it.

Let Brighton Salon convert all those waxing worries.