Make Up: Beverly Hills Natural Beauty Trends.

The wonderful thing about make up that women love is simply its versatility. From bold and daring to subtle and sweet.

In Beverly Hills, natural or neutral colored make up is definitely in. Flawless coverage to create an even skin tone without sun spots or acne scars, using a simple BB or CC cream can help balance out unevenness. 

Pairing over top of that BB or CC cream, you can use a light or medium pink blush to compliment the natural curves of the face. Usually in the summer time a bronzer would be used to create harsh lines or give the illusion you have what you do not. But keeping it simple and natural requires working with your natural features. Extenuate what you've got, don't be ashamed. 

Using gold, beige, light brown shades of eyeshadow can go a long way, while adding subtle definition to your natural eye structure. When going for a natural look I like to use a neutral colored eyeliner, or maybe even a shade darker than your eyeshadow can be used to apply liner and slight shadows to the eyes.  

When it comes to lashes and a natural look, I usually use a clear based mascara to build length, and then a shade lighter than my actual lashes to add a bit of definition to the lash line.

Complete your look with a nude lip and you are all natural and ready to walk the streets in Beverly Hills.

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