This is Brighton Salon of Beverly Hills

Brighton Salon, a bright and beautiful full service salon nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, specializing in a full range of services. To name our top specialties, ALL type of Hair Extensions: sew-in extensions, tape in extensions, keratip-keratin hair extensions and weft hair extensions.Brighton Salon also specializes in hair coloring: from highlights, low lights, all over color, color corrections, balayage and customized coloring options with the top of the line color brands like Wella.

Our Staff

Our staff is most definitely one of a kind. Allow me to walk you through and introduce you to each of our stylists and staff. Every business has its rock. The rock of Brighton Salon is the salon Director, Dani Faraj. Dani has been in the hair industry creating hair art for over 20 years. A third generation hair designer since the age of 12 in his fathers' salon in New York. Dani prides himself in exploding the boundaries of convention, and always approaches hair design with the sensitivity and creativity of a painter and a sculptor. A true artist.
Aside from his creativity, Dani is a mentor and friend to every person who comes through the doors of Brighton Salon. His heart as big as an ocean and his compassionate soul is so inviting and honest. He is the type of person who would give you the shirt off of his back if it meant even the smallest amount of happiness to another person. Also, his sense of humor is definitely one of a kind. After all, laughter is the best medicine, so to put it into perspective, no one at Brighton Salon ever feels..sick.
Second in line to Dani would be Brighton Salon's assistant manager and receptionist, Lori Kline. Beautiful and remarkably comical, her warm and inviting smile will greet you as you walk through the front doors of Brighton Salon. Lori has a very different type of personality as far as assistant managers go. She is extremely approachable in any type of situation, be it personal or a business matter, Lori always has the right words to say as well as the right approach on how to best solve any kind of issue. Her smile is contagious and her dedication is a key element to the turning gears in the salon.

Our Sylists

Our stylists at Brighton Salon are very diverse in nature, backgrounds and techniques.

Romina Shoar

Born in Iran and internationally trained in many different haircutting techniques, Romina specializes in Men's haircuts, hair coloring, hair extensions and chemical straightening (particularly Cadivu). Allow me to paint a small portrait of Romina: dainty as can be with a cute feminine charm, Romina's character in the salon, as we like to joke, is the damsel in distress. We don't mean this literally, but simply that she is never afraid to ask for help when she needs it. A day in Brighton Salon without Romina is a dull day indeed. Her work speaks for itself as well as her coloring techniques.

Shauneil Evans

(Pronounced "Chanel") Shauneil is our Southern Belle. Born and raised in Mississippi, Shauneil is Brighton Salon's guiding light. Her glowing and loving personality honestly brightens up any dark room. Shauneil is of our our resident hair extension specialists, she also specializes in all types of ethnic and natural hair services. Shauneil is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has a very sweet charm about her that is almost impossible to explain. It's one of those things you feel the second you are in her presence.

Bong Bong Buan

(Yes, that is his real name). Philippine's native and a magnificent stylist and house Make-Up Artist, Bong has the ability to make any member of Team Brighton smile and laugh, as his laugh is extremely contagious. Bong's ability to make a person look completely flawless (quite literally) is out of this world. One of the kindest and most outgoing people known in Los Angeles, Bong loves to help clients of Brighton Salon look and feel their best while offering his knowledge in products that are perfect for the individuals needs.

Patrick Bautista

Also a Philippine's native, Patrick doesn't do just one specific service, his advanced skills are remarkable across the board. Patrick has a keen sense for coloring and ombre's. Patrick is extremely outgoing in every service that he takes on. Be it coloring or cutting, Patrick is also a skilled make-up artist. Taking perfection to the next level, Patrick is that stylist that you feel as if you have known him your whole life even though in reality you just met him five minutes ago. With such an inviting smile and personality, Patrick is almost the "little brother" to everyone in the salon.

Nicoleta Barbarasa

Originally from Romania, Nicoleta is our house brow and body waxing specialist. Nicoleta also specializes in a full range of skin care. Her keen eye to detail ensures that every waxing client walks out with the smoothest skin and flawless brow line in Beverly Hills. Nicoleta is extremely sought after in the waxing world. Nicoleta's many clients are never displeased with the services that she provides. After all, who want to be walking around with neanderthal eyebrows? Nicoleta's friendly and outgoing personality creates a spark in Team Brighton, and for that we LOVE her!

Ellie G.

Also an Iran native, Ellie specializes in hair extensions for people with hair loss. Her gift really gives women their confidence back. She also specializes in hair cutting and coloring. Ellie is a master stylist in the industry for over twenty years. Ellie splits her time between Beverly Hills and San Diego where she also has a large clientele. Ellie has a very warm and caring personality that you almost feel as if you have known her for years. Kind in nature and extremely good-hearted, Ellie will make you feel like the only person in the world worth listening to when she is speaking to you.

Dustin Goodsell

Dustin, an Aveda graduate and California native, is the Brighton Salon assistant. In other words, Dustin is the legs of the salon. He assists in everything from color applications to shampooing and blow-drying clients when the stylists get backed up. Dustin takes extreme pride in every task that is handed to him. Dustin will even gladly do mundane tasks from coffee runs to folding towels and even handy work around the salon. Without a great assistant, most stylists could easily lose their pace and fall behind on their daily clients. Luckily, Brighton found a jewel to help pick up the slack.

Last, but certainly not least, let me introduce myself. I am Nicki Edelson, known as Nicki Beans, or just Beans. I am a Florida raised, Aveda trained hair stylist with two years in the industry. Here at Brighton Salon I work the Social Media and Public Relations side of the spectrum. Most of the salon employees like to refer to me as the back-bone of Brighton Salon. Needless to say I am always on the go.

So now that you are formally introduced to Team Brighton, Stay tuned daily for updates on the fun characters that make up Brighton Salon, as I promise you will NOT be let down.

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