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Beverly Hills Brazilian Blowout at Brighton Salon

Brazilian Blowouts are one of the most desired and well-known modern hair treatments.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is a popular, long-lasting keratin-based treatment for smoothing and straightening the hair while removing frizz.

Who can get a Brazilian Blowout?

Anyone! Men and women alike can get this treatment, although it is most closely associated as a women's hairstyle. All hair types can receive treatment; from coarse hair to fine hair, from frizzy hair to straight hair to curly hair - Brazilian Blowout is a style that is extremely versatile.
This treatment can also be done on hair that has been permed, Japanese-style straightened, and/or treated with hair extensions!

Why do people desire Brazilian Blowouts?

Brazilian Blowouts result in frizz-free, smooth, silky, flexible, and shiny hair that is effortlessly manageable. The Brazilian Blowout is seen as a hairstyle of freedom because individuals can still wear their hair curly or wavy (depending on their hair type) and blow drying their hair straight and smooth becomes much easier and quicker when the treatment is complete. Actually, the Brazilian Blowout is most effective on chemically-treated hair as it strengthens weakened hair with additional proteins and amino acids. People with weak or damaged hair often seek Brazilian Blowout treatments to heal their hair.

Does the effect of the Brazilian Blowout vary per hairstyle and type?

Yes, albeit mildly. The effect of the Brazilian Blowout generally makes hair straighter, less frizzy, shinier, glossier, and healthier-looking. Please see specifics below:
If you have curly hair, the Brazilian Blowout will greatly get rid of frizz and enhance your natural waves as curls will be less pronounced. Unmanageable curls will be more relaxed, thus making hair upkeep and maintenance much simpler.
If you have wavy hair, it will appear naturally straight, shiny, and healthy.
If you have straight hair, the Brazilian Blowout will eliminate frizz and create a radiant gloss and shine.

How long does Brazilian Blowout Treatment last?

The Brazilian Blowout Treatment lasts for about 10 - 12 weeks (2 - 3 months). The longer that the treatment is done, the longer each successive treatment will last.
Brighton Salon uses the +Brazilian Blowout  Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner when Brazilian Blowout treatment is requested. This formula is specially-formulated with a super-nutrient complex to extend the life of the Brazilian Blowout treatment.
This means more time with frizz-free, radiant, smooth and healthy hair on your head!

Now at last for the most frequently asked question...

Will a Brazilian Blowout Damage my hair?!

Generally yes, but it really depends on the individual salon. If a hair salon uses an improper ratio and combination of chemicals, then the process is hazardous for the short-term and unhealthy for the long-term. At Brighton Salon we make sure to take optimum care at all times, especially with Brazilian Blowout treatment. So at our specific salon, the answer is no, the Brazilian Blowout is not dangerous and will not damage your hair.
At +Brighton Salon, the health of our client's hair is a top priority - not just look and style. The worst, main and most controversial chemical that forms during a Brazilian Blowout is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde forms when a lot of hair product combines with high heat. At Brighton Salon, high-quality and super minimal product is used - especially during the Brazilian Blowout, to fully reduce the amount of this harmful chemical. Brighton Salon also uses a large amount of keratin (the natural protein that composes hair, nails, and to a great extent skin) during the Brazilian Blowout treatment to make sure your hair is always stronger and healthier when you walk out the door.

Does hair lose volume when treated with a Brazilian Blowout?

Contrary to popular belief, the hair does not lose volume when undergoing a Brazilian Blowout treatment. It simply appears to be straighter. The hair completely retains its natural volume and still has a "memory" of the waves and curls so the hair stays pliable when blow drying or curling.

Special Tips:

- Always use sulfate-free and sodium-chloride free shampoo and conditioner, especially when your hair is treated with a Brazilian Blowout treatment. This is because the above substances degrade the keratin polish Brighton Salon applies on your hair, and the natural keratin that exists and forms your hair, nails, and a large part of your skin.
- If you enjoy going swimming, wet your hair with tap water first. This cleaner water absorbs into your hair and makes it harder for the hair to soak up the chemicals in the pool that break down the treatment.

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