Beverly Hills Hair Braiding - Classic Braid at Brighton Salon

Beverly Hills Braiding

Braids are an easy way to quickly spice up any hairstyle - especially at a professional hair salon when the work is done for you!

The type of braid shown in the above picture is a thick, volumized classic braid starting from the highest part of the crown of the head. Here, the hair is simply divided into three sections and then crossed (left-most hair section over the middle section, right-most section over the new middle section, then repeat).

Braiding at Brighton

So what makes the braiding experience special at Brighton Salon?
Several things...
1. The luxury shampooing and conditioning with our specialized product lines carefully chosen individually for your hair with specially-treated water plus a scalp massage.
- Our scalp massage circulates blood flow around the roots of your hair; this process feeds them essential nutrition from your own body.
- The water out of our tap that we use on clientele hair undergoes reverse osmosis treatment to remove any impurities.
- Our rich, intricate, and extravagant +Oribe Hair Care+Kerastase+Shu Uemura lines are known as the best hair products in the industry and are only carried in certified salons. We don't hesitate to line and saturate your hair with them to boost nearly every marker of hair health and beauty: volume, luster, glow, shine, smoothness, vibrancy, strength, sheen, and ultimate softness.
2. Complimentary coffee anyone? Yummmmy! ...Oooh and hot towels? Heavenly.
3. Choices. Our specialists are fully certified and are highly-trained to meet your needs. Our stylists know a multitude of braid types and can work your hair into whatever you'd like it to be with a welcoming smile and an efficient but gentle hand.
4. Therapeutic regiments during treatment are added during all services. At +Brighton Salon, we use only the highest quality products to fit your specific needs. Our products are highly attuned to different conditions and are used with accuracy and precision.
5. Product selection. If you are looking to purchase additional treatments, usually those to take home, at Brighton Salon there is an amazing selection of just the best products.
6. Individualized care and high-end expertise. Any question about hair and general beauty that you have can be accurately answered by all of our professionals. You will be directed into exactly how and what you need to do to achieve your beauty goals.

Pros of Braiding:

- Lasts a while (3 - 10 weeks) depending on the specific type of braid. Ask your personal stylist.
- So, so, so many different styling options, the list does not end. Due to this, braiding can be very creative process and thus can express your individuality through your hair!
- If you are looking to transition your hair from relaxed to natural, braids are a great way to protect your hair.
- Can help strengthen hair and build-up healthy growth patterns.
- Very low maintenance.

Cons of Braiding:

- Braids may cause breakage. (Our luxury, high-end products maximally protect hair and reduce as much damage that can be prevented by modern beauty technology).  
- May be expensive. (This depends on the braid type. Our services are priced according to the style chosen, hair length, and overall cost of professional products and services).
- May cause hair loss, although this only occurs if the braids are done incorrectly. (All of our stylists are professionally certified and highly-trained, so this will not occur). 
- Takes a long time. (Yep, quality work and high-end service can take awhile. We couldn't reduce this side effect, but there is a free two-hour parking on North Beverly/North Canon Drive before 6:00 PM! You can also valet park at Il Pastaio for seven dollars. Additionally, there is street parking available and we will happily check your meter for you to make sure you never get a ticket with us). 
- Not recommended to braid hair that has just been relaxed. (Our stylists will never go through with any treatment or procedure that is not fully beneficial to the client. If this is the case, we will tell the client to return at another time). 

We hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.
Please feel free to leave any questions and comments below. Our specialists will be with you shortly!

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