Beverly Hills Hair Cut & Style - Long Layers & Messy Curls

Beverly Hills Hair Cut & Style: Long Layers & Messy Curls Hair Style

Here are the Brighton Bits:

Long layers are done to accentuate the cheekbones and bring out the eyes, lips, and your best individual features. This cutting style gives your hair more lift and body in a lengthening upwards movement.

Our unique, luxury products used to achieve this specific look vary per individual hair type. For this treatment, we use +Oribe Curl-Shaping Mousse, Oribe Grandiose Hair-Plumping Mousse, or Oribe Surfcomber Tousled-Texture Mousse depending on the characteristics of your individual hair. Oribe is a high-end, luxury brand that has become a cult classic in the fashion world.

A key feature here is the volumization and thickening effect that occurs with this style. Many women who have thin or fine strands desire to have a fuller, healthier appearance of their hair. Our exclusive products for this style include the Oribe Volumizing Mousse and the Oribe Apres Beach Wave Texturizing Spray.

The curls shown here are a transformative style that go from a wispy but volumized definition to larger, more dimensional curl strands. Our talented hair stylists Bong Bong Buan, +Nicki Edelson, Ellie G, Paris Arianna, Patrick Bautista, Shauneil Evans, +Dani Faraj, Dustin Goodsell, Randy Madden, and +Romina Shoar can do any amazing curl style that you wish.

Her hair color is chestnut brown. We use +Wella coloring product for our coloring treatments. We choose Wella because their products are scientifically-formulated by some of the best in the coloring industry and they put priority on the health of clientele hair. Wella is known for being able to color hair professionally and still be able to maintain the bounce, tone, and natural suppleness of the individual's hair.

This hair style is then lightly tousled to get the quasi-messy appearance.

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Special Brighton Salon benefits!

- Delicious, complimentary coffee or tea.
- Hot, comforting towels.
- The highest-quality of reverse osmosis water used for beauty treatment.
- Two-hour free parking on Canon/Beverly structure, valet service for +Brighton Salon at +Il Pastaio, or metered street parking (where we check up and refill your meter)!
- Top-notch service with professional expertise in the hair, beauty, and skincare industries.
- Amazing, luxury product selection.

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