Beverly Hills Hair Style - Femme Fatal Retro Fingerwaves - Get The Look At Brighton Salon Today!

Beverly Hills Hair Style - Femme Fatale - Brighton Salon 

This Classic, Hollywood-like Femme Fatale Style is timeless, powerful, and demanding. This is a 50s-60s retro look with a modern twist in color and longer hair length. The look has several components:

Beverly Hills Hair

- This 50s-60s style hair achieves its texture and look through the creation of retro fingerwaves. This is done after a blowdry with either a gel base and a comb with texturizing lotion. Alternatively, it can be done with a crimping iron. Finishing spray is needed in both techniques. 

Beverly Hills Blowdry

- We use the most advanced blow drying technology for your ideal desires regarding hair. Our tools are always cutting edge and make sure to protect the health of your hair. 
- No appointment needed.
- Complimentary coffee or tea, and hot, relaxing towels for your optimal comfort.
- Fast work! You will be in-and-out in less than an hour!
- Includes luxury hair cleansing with custom-blended, exclusive +Oribe or +Kerastase shampoos. 
- Intensive conditioning with state-of-the-art, signature Oribe and Kerastase conditioners to fully penetrate and heal the hair follicles. 
- Quick and painless combing of the hair ensures that all imperfections and knots are removed. 
- Our specially-trained stylists always prioritize the your hair's natural health. 

Brighton Salon Hair Products (for this particular Classic Femme Fatale look) 

- Oribe gel serum for maximum radiance and hold for the right feel and ultimate sheen.
- State-of-the-art Oribe finishing spray to maximize that perfect hold. 

Beverly Hills Makeup

- Our highly-trained and certified makeup specialists only know how to do the best for you and your skin.
- Brighton Salon only carries the highest-quality makeup products which include: +Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)+Chanel+L'Oréal Paris France, Boutique La Metairie, +Clé de Peau Beauté+Armani+Estee Lauder+Christian Dior+Lancôme France+Elizabeth Arden, and +MAC Cosmetics.  
- Ask any question about nearly anything related to beauty and our specialists will give you an intensive, accurate, and detailed answer. 
- Here, both the lips and the eyes are emphasized. The lips are painted in bold, bright, red lipstick and the eyes are darkly adorned with black eyeliner and shadow for a sultry effect. P.S Those two together are a killer combo! ;)
- Daring mascara and/or bold false lashes are applied to heighten the emphasized effect on the eyes and bring out their natural color. 
- The skin is gently but thoroughly cleansed before applications. 
- Foundation, powder, and/or concealer is used to reduce/eliminate the appearance of bumps, blemishes, and imperfections. If these are frequent, it is recommended to consult with our advanced skincare specialist Nicoleta Barbarasa for immediate solutions. 
- Blush and/or bronzer is used on the cheekbones to dramatically emphasize their shape. 

You are now all beautiful, done-up, and ready to shock with your stunning appearance out in the streets. 
Much love,
Brighton Salon

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Come visit +Brighton Salon to try the look this week! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and our famed hair specialists will be right with you. :)