Beverly Hills Hairstylist: Brighton Salon's, Paris.

In Beverly Hills many Hair Stylists are well equipped with multiple talents and skills up their sleeves.

At +Brighton Salon our new stylist, Paris not only has those talents, but she executes them with perfection. 

The model in the photo had her hair and makeup performed by our Paris, and you would never be able to tell that the model has 2 bad facial scars. Paris perfectly covered the model's scars without making it seem that she had a ton a makeup on.

This photo shoot was done to reflect the majestic skills of Paris. The most kind and caring stylists you will find in Beverly Hills, Paris is a pearl. 

Have any special events coming up?? Want your makeup applied with grace? Brighton Salon offers you highly skilled makeup artists. Paris and +Bongbong Buan offer all of their clients perfection.

Their work is consistent and.. well, perfect. Come in and see for yourself!

To book with Paris or Bong visit our website!

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