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The Power of Makeup

Makeup is a fine art with awesome transformative powers. Everyone knows that makeup has the unique ability to completely transform a person's appearance in a matter of minutes. The more time spent, the greater the transformation!

Whether you like bright and bold styles, soft and subtle ways, out-of-the-world extreme couture design, slightly eccentric bearings, and/or super colorful masks, we will work hard to fuel your unique dynamo.

Makeup Artists in Beverly Hills 

Brighton's one-of-a-kind makeup artists, Bong Bong, Nicoleta Barbarasa, and Patrick Bautista will maximize the look you desire. You can check our work out on Instagram at

What Makeup Brighton Salon Specializes In

- Event Makeup: Natural-style wedding makeup, formal makeup, and corporate makeup.
- Eyes: Smokey eyes, cat eyes, candle-lit eyes, shimmery eyes, bold and thick eyes, sultry eyes, pastel eyes, and/or gilded eyes, in all colors, sizes, and combinations.
- Lashes: We are excellent in applying subtle but transformative mascara, ultra-thick mascara, thickening and lengthening treatments. Our makeup experts really customize this to work with the individual client's features and preferences.
- Lips: Normally our clients ask for makeup that volumizes or thickens their lips and looks natural, but we can do pretty much anything in any color.
- Skin: One of our favorites! We eliminate blemishes and imperfections while maximizing the natural contour of your face. This is also highly customizable, and our stylists will be very happy to adapt to your individualized needs. For skin, we also carry the amazing skin care line +Medik8 which utilizes top-notch scientific knowledge to perfect your skin. An extra plus? It's 100% paraben free.
- We never simply paint over your face, but rather work with the makeup to minimize blemishes and enhance your natural features.

Any comments or questions? Please free feel to post them and our makeup specialists at +Brighton Salon will be right with you.

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