Beverly Hills Salon Couture Style - Unicorn Updo Cone Coiffing

Beverly Hills Salon Couture Style - Unicorn Updo Cone Coiffing

The couture-style cone will definitely attract interested stares. Exotic and runway-ready, this appearance has been perfected by our hair stylists if you should ever desire this Unicorn-Updo look.

Obviously, this style got its name from its fantasy, illusionistic appearance which offers a great look for a fantasy evening or a stunning runway appearance. This is an excellent style to sport whenever you would like to gather attention in a striking manner that is creative and artistic.

Requirements: Must have hair down to the chin/above shoulders. Then extensions must be added. If you naturally have very long hair, you will not need extension treatment.

This style is done with an actual foam cone inside the hair!
The hair is then wrapped around the cone after flat iron treatment. It is held together by a ridiculous amount of strong-hold hairspray.

Don't sweat the details, and let +Brighton Salon do all the hard work for you.

Brighton Benefits

- Delicious, complimentary coffee or tea.
- Hot, comforting towels.
- The highest-quality of reverse osmosis water used for beauty treatment.
- Two-hour free parking on Canon/Beverly structure, valet service for +Brighton Salon at +Il Pastaio, or metered street parking (where we check up and refill your meter)!
- Top-notch service with professional expertise in the hair, beauty, and skincare industries.
- FREE hair extensions personalized consultation.
- Amazing, luxury product selection.

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