Brighton Salon Hair Curlers in Beverly Hills

Brighton Salon Hair Curlers in Beverly Hills

Humans have been curling their hair for centuries in order to achieve new, unique looks and styles. There are various methods to curl hair, and today we focus on how hair curlers are used to achieve this result.

Hair curlers are one of the many ways to curl hair. There are also many kinds of hair curlers! Here we focus on both soft and hard hair curlers, which come in a variety of sizes to determine the size of individual curls.

Soft (Sponge) Hair Curlers:

- These hair curlers twist and coil the hair without the use of heat! This allows for greater preservation of the hair's health.
- Allow the formation of wispy, lightweight curls for those who want a delicate and lightly-structured style.
- Clientele can wear soft hair curlers for hours and even sleep with them on if desired.
- Hair gel is needed for the application of these spongy curlers.
- These curlers must be left in for a very long time (6+ hours).
- Extra caution should be taken for those who have naturally curly hair that is prone to frizz, as soft curlers may exacerbate the frizz.

Hard Hair Curlers:

- Hard hair curlers form large, powerful waves and exceptionally boost volume.
- Need the use of heat, often from a blow dryer or from electric curlers.
- One hour drying time with heat for hard hair curlers.
- Curl definition is limited here (tightness of curls), thus if extra definition is desired it is recommended to use curling rods or a curling iron instead.

These are only curlers. In order to maximize the pros and negate the cons, Brighton Salon uses additional curling technology (which includes curling irons, curling gel, and curling rods) to tailor our services to your needs.

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