Choosing Brighton Salon - What Can You Spot?

First we review the benefits of getting your hair and makeup done along with the pros of waxing. Then we discuss why Brighton Salon is one of the best spots to go to and why our services are unique. Enjoy!

Why Get Your Hair Done? Why Wax? Why Get Your Makeup Done? 

These are all good questions and are important to ask ourselves - especially in this economy!


Skimping on your hair care for short-term may save you some money. However, long-term advanced or even irreparable damage can occur to your hair from using incorrect color, products, and hair brushing techniques. This results in frizzy, dry, thin and unhealthy hair. Other damage such as split ends, sunlight, oxidative damage, and deterioration from the use of heat will eventually cause rapidly ageing hair and hair loss. Going to a truly good hair salon will never cost you hair, nail, or skin damage... even with harsh treatments! A professional hairdresser will use their expertise to help you not only repair existing damage, but also to prevent future hair impairment.

Additionally, professional hair stylists know precisely what style will match your individual features the best. Let's face it people - we make mistakes, especially when we cut corners. It's best to leave what we don't know to the professionals.

Lastly, visiting a professional hair salon can actually save you a lot of time! Having a specifically low-maintenance hair style can take off 30-60 minutes of beauty work for women daily.


Waxing lasts much longer than shaving since the hair is pulled from the roots, so it grows back very slowly. Also, waxing makes hair grow less and less each time (thinner), while shaving makes the hair more aggressive and thicker where you don't want it. Waxing never scars, cuts, or causes rashes. Waxing is not always painful, and is quite fast. Waxing essentially gives you a smoother feeling for a longer time so you can just relax (finally!).

At Brighton Salon, we specialize in every single type of waxing. Just tell us what you need!


Simply, it looks way better! It's also easier, quicker, and more convenient.
You also have the freedom to experiment with new/different styles that are sometimes very difficult to do and cannot be done without a professional hand.
Lastly, professionals know more about what skincare recommendations to use in relation to your unique, individual skin.

Summary: Professional is always best.

Why Choose Brighton Salon?

- Our specially-chosen, exclusive, and top-of-the-line products truly make the beauty experience one of a kind. These include +Oribe Hair Care+Kerastase+Shu Uemura, +Medik8 Skincare, and +Wella Color. All of our products have unique, highly-specialized ingredients to maximize the qualities of your hair, nails, or skin that you want to enhance. This is really what it means to get the best of the best!

- All of Brighton Salon's stylists are carefully chosen due to their high level of expertise and training. You will find that you can ask them nearly anything relating to hair and beauty and they will have it mastered! Part of the salon experience is being able to get expert guidance when you need it. Here, that is always available, just ask your personal stylist!

- +Brighton Salon is always up-to-date on the latest fashions and styles, especially being at the heart of Beverly Hills! This means that when you walk out of the door with full treatment, you could actually be walking onto a runway and no one would know the difference.  

- This is one of the rare salons that does hair cuts, all hair treatments (color, blow dry, all kinds of extensions, etc...), waxing (any type in a private room), highly-specialized skin care, any type of makeup for any event, manicure/pedicure (by appointment only), and ethnic African American hair. We are also open on Sundays! You can literally have all of your beauty needs met in one place, 7 days a week.

- Brighton Salon uses reverse-osmosis water, which is the highest quality of filtered water for your beauty necessities.

- There is free 2-hour parking on Canon and Beverly, street meters, or valet at Il Pastaio. The bonus? We specially watch our for your parking meters to make sure you never get a ticket with us and so that you can fully relax and unwind.

- Lastly some of the fun things we offer our clients is complimentary coffee, a great carefree vibe, hot and comfortable towels, and on special occasions... champagne!

Don't hesitate to celebrate, come to visit Brighton Salon!

Any questions or comments? Please leave them below and our specialists will be with you shortly.

Thank you so much for reading our blog.

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