Hair Color: Beverly Hills Blonding.. Well Corrective Color/Highlights To Get Blonde.. Part 1.

The most popular client in all Hair Salons in Beverly Hills are those clients who have that really beautiful dark, deep, pre-colored hair who walks in and sits with any Beverly Hills Hair Stylist and says those famous words " I want to go Blonde".  As Hair Stylists, our reactions are all the same "Are you sure? It's going to take a lot of work to get you Blonde though all this Brunette".

As hair stylists, it's not that we don't want to do the work, we just want to get you the results you desire without compromising the hair's integrity and causing damage to your beautiful locks.

Knowing that your hair has been previously colored with a darker shade, we know that color will not remove color, so we would recommend two options: 

Option 1: Do a full head of heavy density, alternating medium weaves and slices throughout the head. This will create overall brightness to the color with a lot of dimension, but will take two, maybe three highlighting services to get to the overall Blonding you are looking for.

Option 2: Corrective color, or Color Cleansing, which is necessary when previously colored hair needs to be altered. This technique helps remove color build up in the hair while removing off-tone color results. This can be done in one visit to the salon, but it is not the best option as far as the overall health of the hair and is a very timely process, so plan to dedicate your day to the salon.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this mini series of going Beverly Hills Blonde, or even +Gigi Lazzarato Blonde. Option 1 will be discussed.

Have questions about what we've said so far?? Post your comments in the comment box below to hear from our Master Colorists at +Brighton Salon.

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