Hair Color: Beverly Hills Blonding.. Well Corrective Color/Highlights To Get Blonde.. Part 3.

When you are a dark Brunette with hair that already has color on it and you want to be instantaneously Blonde, you Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills is going to recommend that you do Corrective Color and color cleanse the hair, Which as we briefly discussed in Part 1 of this mini-series on Beverly Hills Blonding, color cleansing the hair helps remove color from the hair because hair color does not lift other hair color.

This is a process with multiple steps, it can leave the hair feel dry, but when executed properly, you will have beautiful blonde hair that feels and looks soft and shiny.

The most important part of a Corrective Color client is the consultation! As a hair stylists it is extremely important to understand what chemical processes the hair has endured and to assess the current porosity (ability to absorb moisture) of the hair.

The color cleansing technique is the first step in this process. You will divide the hair into four equal quadrants. Parting from ear to ear and nose to nape (the back of the head). Clear each section away for control and neatness. Now depending on how many hair color levels it will take to reach the desired result will determine how your stylists will formulation the color cleansing product. You would choose a specific developer depending on the amount of lift needed.

Taking 1/4" subsections your stylist will apply the mixture from mid-lengths to ends, avoiding your new growth (roots) at all costs. After each subsection is completely saturated with product a cotton coil will be placed over the new growth so product from the subsection above does not saturate the new growth below. Since we only want to use the mixture on previously colored hair, the new growth has no color to remove.

You follow that until the entire head is complete and allow to process the full amount of time the chosen developer requires to fully process, Then shampoo thoroughly and rough dry the hair.

Step 2 in this process begins after the hair has been rough dried, you section the head into four quadrants again. This time your stylist will be applying hair color all over.

During the consultation you have explained fully to your stylist the desired results, now comes time to apply them with the all over color mixture. From scalp to ends the mixture is applied. Once the head is fully saturated with color, let the hair process for the FULL processing time. Rinse and style.

Your hair is now beautiful Beverly Hills Blonde!!!  To ensure that your results are what you desire, come see +Brighton Salon's Master Colorists +Dani Faraj+Romina shoar, and +Bongbong Buan .

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