Hair Color: Beverly Hills Blonding.. Well Corrective Color/Highlights To Get Blonde.. Part 2.

In order to get that Beverly Hills Blonde hair that you see so frequently walking the streets in Beverly Hills. +Brighton Salon is the place to go when it comes to Blonding. 

So now that we know what are two options are as far as what we will need to do in order to get a dark brunette up to that beautiful Blonde color.

As we said before our first option is to do a full head of highlights with a heavy density placement and alternate medium weaves and slices. 

Let's explain what that really means to you, the client.

For a full head foil application there are six basic sections. The effect can be subtle or dramatic, and in this case we are going for a dramatic effect because the overall goal is to have all over blonde color.

When I say heavy density placement that refers to the number of foils in each of the six basic sections, this will determine the desired end result. Heavy density means that 70% of the hair in each section will be placed in a foil to be lightened with 1/4" partings between each foil.

Weaves and slices are very similar as they determine the amount of hair going into a single foil to be lightened. A medium weave effect is achieved with six to eight weaves per subsection (weaving means to bounce the metal tail of a comb through the subsection in a zig zag motion to gather hair to be foiled).

The slicing technique creates a bolder effect than weaving, but it is NOT recommended to take only slices as the weaving technique helps to blend the lightened hair from the unlightened hair. To create a slice, gently pull the subsection straight out from the head with firm tension. You then take your metal tail comb and scrape below the surface strands of that subsection and place into a foil with lightener. 

In this case it would be necessary to take back to back slices, which means in one section you would have foil 1-6. foil 1 would be a medium weave, foils two and three would be slices, foil four would be another medium weave, then foils five and six will be slices. That would be one section out of the six that will repeat that pattern.

These foils will process for the full processing time, and depending on the lifting results, the hair may need to be toned depending on what the natural remaining pigment in the hair is after removing previous color that was in the hair shaft.

It may take one or two more of these services to get the all over Blonde results you want, but it is much easier on the hair, as you can prep and strengthen the hair for the next service by doing treatment masques and conditioning treatments.

So that concludes option 1. What do you think of this process?? Have you tried it before?

Team Brighton would love to hear your experiences and answer any questions you may have. Post them in the comment box below to hear from your team of expert hair stylists in Beverly Hills.

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