Hair Color: FUNdamentals of Dimensional Color: Highlights What, Why, and How.

Whenever you are strolling the streets in Beverly Hills or sitting at your favorite outdoors cafe on Brighton Way, you will always notice that a lot of women have very dimensional hair color. Well that's usually because they have highlights in their hair. 

Since most hair color is naturally affected by the sun and its lightening powers, the result would be dimensional color. When a stylists uses the word dimensional, they usually mean it in the sense that the color will show movement or texture. The result of dimensional color will be seen by different levels of lightness woven in and out of the hair. To create this effect, dimensional color application calls for informed and imaginative decisions based on your desired results.

Usually your stylists will recommend doing a patch test. The reason this is simply that they want to make sure you have no sensitivity to the color and also that your hair will lift properly to the desired results, and if NOT then they can make a plan of how to get it to what you want in the way that is best on the hair itself. 

As with most hair color applications, proper sectioning before a dimensional hair color is essential for enabling neatness and consistency.

Also with dimensional coloring, allow room for some creativity, depending on the way subsections are taken and the weaving or slicing techniques that are used, your stylist at Brighton Salon can give you a one of a kind look. 

As you may already know, hair stylists are a different type of artist. They see your overall goal and come up with the best artistic plan to get you there. Where an average artist will you paint and canvas, your stylists uses hair color and you as their canvas. 

Stay tuned for more on highlights, low-lights, and Balayage. 

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