Hair Extensions: Brighton Salon's Gigi Gorgeous

In Beverly Hills you will see many beautiful blondes, but not as beautiful as +Gigi Gorgeous and that she is!!!

Gigi only trusts +Brighton Salon with her hair extensions. 

Beautiful Gigi, as we have mentioned in previous posts, has the Keratin-Keratip Hair Extensions. They are the best because you can keep them in for 4-6 months.

You can use heat, hair color, and even create an updo with these extensions seen in the photo on Gigi.

This photo was taken of Gigi just after Team Brighton flat ironed her beautiful blonde hair.

One thing Gigi LOVES about Brighton Salon is that the Hair Extensions Consultation was 100% FREE.  She came in, made a plan of action and then scheduled her service. It's literally that simple.

To book a free consultation for hair extensions with Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills contact us!

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