Hair Extensions: The Hair Extensions Salon in Beverly Hills, known as Brighton Salon Part 3.


At +Brighton Salon our go to girl on all types of hair extensions on any hair texture would most definite go to our beautiful, Shauneil Evans (@hairbyshauneil ), seen here with another great guest of our Beverly Hills Salon, +Eva Gutowski, who was referred to us by our great friend +Gigi Gorgeous! (Thanks Gigi)

Eva also came in for a hair extension service. Eva had heard so many positive things about Gigi's experience that she just had to try for herself. As you can see from the photo above, Eva also got Keratip extensions. 

It is so hard to even spot where the bonds are because they are blended perfectly with her natural hair. Great job Shauneil, and Team Brighton!

In our salon you're more than just our client, we treat you like a life long friend of a big loving salon family. Offering you top quality hair extensions and products, such as +Oribe Hair Care+Shu Uemura, and +Kerastase  to help maintain your fresh new locks. 

Our salon director, +Dani Faraj will make you his famous (and delicious) latte, which Eva seems to be enjoying. :)

In Beverly Hills, Brighton Salon is quickly becoming a hot spot for people to meet and enjoy an afternoon amongst friends while you are being pampered by our amazing group of professionals.

Have questions about how YOU can come visit Brighton Salon for a Hair Extension service?? Just comment below or call us to schedule an appointment today!

Brighton Salon
9409 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210