Hair Extensions: The Hair Extensions Salon in Beverly Hills, known as Brighton Salon Part 2.

With hair extensions being in very popular demand in Beverly Hills, +Brighton Salon wants to help you understand what you are getting when you enter our luxurious upscale salon. Seeing that we specialize in all types of hair extensions and offer all of our guests a free hair extension consultation, check out how durable these +Keratip Hair Extension are!

+Gigi Gorgeous stopped into Brighton Salon for a routine blow-dry and also added a few more hair extensions for added volume.

+TheGigiGorgeous, as we mentioned has the keratin hair extensions, or the fusion bonding method. Fusion bonding attaches hair extensions to your actual hair with a bonding material and a specialized bonding hot tool.

This method can be quite time consuming, but the end results are well worth the wait as they harmonize and accentuate your natural hair with no uncomfortable or unattractive site of the hair extension itself.

The bonds are light and pretty comfortable, they move like real hair and is also easy to maintain. As mentioned previously, these hair extensions last for about 6 months with proper home care. That's almost three times as long as any other method of applying hair extensions.

Removal is quick and painless. Using a solution that is gentle on the keratip and the hair, you saturate and pull gently. That's it!!!

Since this method requires certification, you can always count on our professional hair stylists will give you the best results in Los Angeles.

Serving you with the best of the best everything in Beverly Hills, you can count on Brighton Salon to provide you and your hair with an excellent home care with our award winning +Oribe Hair Care+Shu Uemura and +Kerastase line, your hair will never be dull. Even on a cloudy day in Los Angeles, which is rare. 

Have more questions about this type of hair extension??? Post you comments in the box below to hear from our Beverly Hills Hair Stylists!!!

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