Hair Extensions in Beverly Hills: Gigi Gorgeous and her Keratip Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions. Hair salons in Beverly Hills love hair extensions, but what +Brighton Salon  offers our clients are TOP QUALITY hair extensions that are actually good for your hair and your style.

+Gigi Gorgeous only uses the best of the best. When Gigi first came into Brighton Salon she was interested in weft sew-in hair extensions. Where weft sew-in hair extensions is a great technique, it was not the best option for Gigi, so after having her free hair extension consultation with her hair stylist, it was agreed that Gigi would get the Keratip Hair Extensions.

Keratip Hair Extensions are the best extensions for your hair. They are bonded to your natural hair with keratin. The extremely durable keratin hair extension can even withstand coloring treatments and heat, while lasting about 12 weeks before needing a maintenance appointment. Removal is easy too with a special dissolvent that is safe and non-damaging to your hair.

Gigi's gorgeous natural blonde hair is actually just longer than her shoulders and rests just above the collar bone. She wanted long blonde locks measuring at 22 inches in length. Not only did Gigi add length, she also added more volume to the hair. 

The best thing about these keratin hair extensions is the fact that you can do anything that you would do with your natural hair to them. You can curl, color, style into an undo, ponytail, etc. You can even apply tension to the hair extensions without worrying they will pull out or become uneven. 

After adding the many bundles of hair to Gigi, she received a spectacular haircut to blend her new length into her natural hair and finished with a smooth flat iron straightening. 

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