Make Up: Are You Having Breakouts?? Learn How You Can Stop Them.

When we were teenagers Acne was to be understood and even expected, but now that we are older why are we still getting these blemishes and pimples??? Lets really break it down and see how we can avoid external triggers for bad skin because honestly at this point it's just annoying, BUT nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Simply put it's estimated that 85% of teenagers and 20% of adults will suffer from some form of Acne. Seeing as that is a large amount, approximately 300 million dollars of Acne products are sold over the counter each year, with little to no results most users are unhappy, but we have to take blame here for our actions. The lack of knowledge about what acne REALLY is. 

What is it?? Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin. Acne has two forms: vulgaris, or severe acne, and simplex, or moderate. While most of us may not have a "chronic" issue with acne frequent pimples or a blackheads can still be problematic.

For most of us Women we have frequent breakouts that are normally hormone related, but what about when it's not hormonal? 

Cosmetic acne is acne brought on by the use of products containing comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients, which are substances that can penetrate down into the pore and cause the formation of unsightly comedones.  Keep an eye out when purchasing for the common comedone culprits:

                   -Isopropyl Myristate        -Oleic Acid       -Butyl Stearate
                   -Isopropyl Palmitate        -Squalene 
                   -Lanolin                           -Olive Oil
                   -Cocoa Butter                   -Coal Tar

Usually cosmetic acne appears as slightly elevated small whiteheads on cheeks, which can be caused by your favorite bronzers and blushes. They can also be seen on the cheeks and forehead, which can be from those amazing moisturizers, foundations, or even hair products like pomades.

The Dermatologist would probably recommend you a specific treatment medication such as Retin A, which is a topical agent that helps regulate the excessive build up of cells on the skin, or even oral antibiotic.

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