Makeup in Beverly Hills: What We Use and The Benefits Part 1.

So everyday us ladies paint our face with makeup. It really is an art in itself. We are all familiar with our faces and the way we use specific products, but are you FULLY aware of the different types of makeup and it's uses and benefits gained from each? 

Well let Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills fill give you the ins and outs of what we are putting so much time, money and effort into everyday.. 

Foundation. The magical product with a tinted base that we use to color or even out our skin tones, But ere you aware that there are SIX different options for a simple foundation??
 Mineral Powders- Tinted mineral based powder foundation. Very light weight on the skin and provides a flawless finish. Available in normal and matte finishes. Mineral Powders are also excellent for those with sensitive skin type.

 Liquid and Cream- Cream or liquid based foundations that are tinted and mixed with water and oil to provide coverage for evenness. Mid to heavy weight feel when applied to the skin. Typically, these types of foundation can be pore clogging for those with sensitive skin type.

 Water-based- Water based foundations are great if you need a quick pick me up as far as coverage goes. This very light weight  foundation provides very light coverage to skin unevenness. Water based foundations are perfect for those with oily or combination skin type.

 Cream- Cream foundations are very thick oil based foundation. While providing great coverage, cream foundations are extremely heavy on the skin and can clog pores for those with any type of skin type. 

 Cream to Powder- Cream to powder foundations offer light coverage to the skin. The feel they leave on the skin is smooth and light. Since they are water based foundations, this type is great for sensitive and oily skin types. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post. We'll be talking Concealers, cheek colors, lip colors and eyeliners!!

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