Men's Hair Cut & Style - Sporty but Business-like Soft Layered Hair Cut

Beverly Hills Men's Hair Cut & Style:

This particular style is an easily maintained, sporty but business-like soft layered men's hair cut.

+Brighton Salon's incredible, professional hair stylist staff will give you one of the best hair cut and style experiences you have ever had. With the amenities of heated, relaxing towels and complimentary coffee/tea, you simply can't go wrong at Brighton Salon.

This hair style is perfect for the casual business man who is always on-the-go.
A requirement for this hair style is that the natural hair length must be at least to mid-ear in order to be able to cut and create this soft look.
Once this is met, one of our expert stylists will take care of you immediately and seat you in a comfortable chair. Then, the elegant and artistic process of cutting the hair begins.  

Brighton Salon Products

The products we use for this particular style are moisture shampoo and conditioner from the extravagant +Kerastase line which is famously known in the industry for professionally mastering the mysteries of hair.
This treatment also nourishes the hair, making it healthier and thus more naturally protective against the elements and environment, such as UV light or pollution for example.
The second product we use for this style is either a light hold gel or a light matte pomade, also from the exclusive Kerastase Men's Homme line or the amazing, deluxe +Oribe Hair Care line.

This hair style has a very easy maintenance. There is no blow dry or hair brushing necessary! All there is to maintain is a 60 second backwards-hand styling with either a light hold gel or a light matte pomade.

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