Men's Hairstyles: Beverly Hills Gentlemen at Brighton Salon

The men in Beverly Hills are by far the classiest breed of men you will find in almost all of Los Angeles, dressed to impress, styled to perfection, with manners that any woman would fall head over heels for.

At Brighton Salon, we love our female clients, but we take a different kind of special pride in handling our gentlemen clients. 

A gentlemen is defined as someone who is educated, civilized, sensitive, and well mannered. This is all true for the men that stroll into +Brighton Salon. These daring dudes come in for a wide variety of services besides a haircut.

Specializing in Men's hair color, waxing (of all kinds), men's facial grooming and skin care, Team Brighton serves every need of our gentlemen. Who said high end salons were only for women anyway? Not us here at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills!!! Our hair stylists' treat you like the kings you are.

From the moment you walk into the salon you will be greeted with warm smiling faces, assigned to your preferred stylist, you will consult with the stylists and discuss what precisely you are expecting. 

After you and your stylist have come up with a plan of action, you will be escorted to the dressing room to change into a soft Brighton Salon robe, to keep your suit fresh and hair free (if you're getting a haircut), and then escorted to the shampoo spa where you will be pampered with an invigorating shampoo with our amazing award winning products +Oribe Hair Care+shu uemura, or +Kerastase to cleanse away any impurities in the hair.

Once your shampoo is complete, your stylists will escort you back to their station where they will begin to execute your plan of action for your specific service. Paying 100% attention to all of the details, you will feel like royalty.

Once the service is completed your hair stylist will confirm that all of your needs have been met. 

If everything is completed to your satisfaction your stylist will escort you to reception and recommend a date for your next service to maintain these priceless results.

Walking out a Brighton Salon Gentlemen, you will most definitely be complimented on your new look from everyone you cross paths with, as this happens to our gentlemen clients all the time! 

Have booking questions or want to know more services we offer for you Gentlemen in greater details? Post your comments in the box below, or simply give us a call!

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