Men's Style - What Can Men Do At Brighton Salon?

Men's Services in Beverly Hills at Brighton Salon

1. Hair Cut & Style

+Brighton Salon's exclusive and highly-trained staff are no less than experts when it comes to hair and all kinds of hair style. Any look you want, we've got it!
- Clean, professional cuts in a timely manner.
- Amazing and scientific-grade advice regarding hair care.

2. Repairing Hair Damage

- Do men need to repair their hair? Actually, yes. Men's hair gets damaged just like women's hair does. Although men generally use less heat styling on their hair, it is still exposed to the elements such as environmental toxins and UV damage.
- Hair damage can lead to #3 (thin or balding hair), but like we all know, prevention is best.
- Brighton Salon carries exclusive, one-of-a-kind hair products to re-nourish, replenish, and revive all forms of hair. This includes the amazing, scientifically-formulated +Oribe Hair Care+Kerastase, and +Shu Uemura product lines. The best of the best can always be found at Brighton Salon.

3. Dealing with Thin or Balding Hair

- This is a big deal and issue for men. Fortunately, Team Brighton has solutions.
- At Brighton Salon, we don't believe in thinning hair, but rather classify hair into fine, medium, and coarse categories. This is because hair doesn't just "thin out", but rather loses square density. This gives it a "thinner" or "thicker" effect.
- For fine or thin hair, we use specialized hair cutting techniques to boost the appearance of volume and density.
- For fine or thin hair, we use state-of-the-art products to volumize and strengthen hair from our luxury Oribe Hair Care, Kerastase, and Shu Uemura product lines.
- At Brighton Salon for balding hair, we have many connections in the industry and work closely with Doctor Boneman, a certified pioneer in the laser hair transplant industry.
- Contrary to popular belief, hair salons cannot really take care of balding hair (only cut hair in a way to reduce the noticeably of the receding hairline) since it is a hormonal problem.
- Our consultation covers what to do/where to do for balding and receding hairline issues so we do advise you to still come in for specialized advice.

4. Body Wax

- Do men get body wax? An answer that may surprise some, is yes!
- Men's body waxing is often done not to completely get rid of hair, but to thin it out and lessen it in areas that thick, aggressive hair is not desired. 
- Our body waxes are done in an all private room under the supervision of highly-trained specialists so you can just relax.
- We use only the highest grade of wax as well as soothing and healing creams after to prevent any redness or irritation.

5. Facials & Skincare

- Our amazing skincare specialist Nicoletta Barbarosa uses only the highest grade of skincare technology +Medik8.
- She works in a private room so you can let go of your day and enjoy.
- Skincare is often needed to re-nourish dry skin, and take care of mild to advanced skin issues such as acne. 
- Men enjoy getting facials to clean up their skin and make sure that it stays clean, smooth, and free of bumps/blemishes. 

Come and get your luxe, high-quality and intensive health/beauty treatment at Brighton Salon today Men, don't be shy!

Go Team Brighton!
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