Skin Analysis: The Brighton Salon Advantage for Men and Women Part 1.

In Beverly Hills you see a ton of people with the most radiant skin. Much like the guy in the photo above, but often wonder HOW do they have such great skin??

By learning to identify what type of skin you have can help you use the precise products or treatments that will benefit your specific skin type. So in this series of posts we are going to discuss the various types of skin, various skin conditions, skin care products, and skin care masques. You will be able to understand what you can do to have that radiantly flawless Beverly Hills skin.

So lets's start with what the purpose of the skin analysis is.  A skin analysis determines skin type, skin condition, and the necessary treatment, if needed.

Different skin types are actually hereditary and can not be permanently changed, but they can be changed with treatments. The amount of sebum, or oil, produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin determines the size of the pores, and is hereditary. So what are the different skin types??

-Alipidic, or dry skin, lacks moisture and lipids.

-Oily skin produces too much sebum and will have larger pores. The appearance of the skin is shiny or greasy.

-Open/Closed Comedones- Black heads may be present, or small bumps just beneath the skins surface. The difference between open and closed comedones is the size of the follicle opening, also known as the ostium.

-Acneic skin is skin that has acne or pustules (pimples). Acne bacteria are anaerobic, which means they can not survive in the presence of oxygen.

So to further analyze there are also different types of skin conditions which are generally treatable, not hereditary, and associated with a particular skin type.

-Dehydrated skin is dry and flakey. Treatment with hydrators that help to bind water to the skin surface.

-Hyper-pigmentation are dark blotches of color and are caused by sun exposure or hormone imbalances. Using a mild exfoliant can help treat this skin condition.

-Couperose is distended capillaries and diffuse redness onto the skin. Almost like small tiny broken veins on the skins surface.

So now that you know the different skin types and conditions, try and find yours!

Remember, as Brighton Salon cares for the well being of all of our guests, we always recommend seeking medical help if you feel like you have a serious skin condition. As licensed Cosmetologists we are not licensed to determine if you do or do not have a serious skin condition.

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