Skin Analysis: The Brighton Salon Advantage for Men and Women Part 2.

So now that we have fully covered how to analyze the skin to determine the skin type and also different skin conditions we can move onto skin care products. What they are and what they do for our skin.

There are many types of skin care products that serve different benefits for different types of skin and skin conditions. Let's break them down for a better understanding.

-Cleansing Creams are a cream based cleanser that is typically used on skin that is very dry or mature skin. Cleansing creams provide a ton of moisture to the skin, so try and avoid this if you have oily or acneic skin types.

-Foaming Cleansers (face wash) are wash off type of product. Foaming cleansers have a surfactant ingredient, which just means that it works into a sudsy lather and washes away impurities on the surface of the skin.

-Treatment Creams are used to hydrate and condition the skin during the night. These are usually for things like under eye cream to prevent puffiness or dark circles.

-Toners, also known as tonic lotion, fresheners, and astringents are used to rebalance the pH of the skin and remove remnants of cleanser left on the skin.

-Exfoliants are the most commonly misused product for the skin. Exfoliants provide a peeling and shredding of the top layer of the skin, the horney layer. Exfoliants help remove excess dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. There are multiple types of exfoliants.
    -Mechanical exfoliants remove the excess dead skin sells from the surface of the skin.
    -Microdermabrasion is an exfoliant that uses aluminum chloride and other crystals to abrade the stratum corneum, or the second layer of skin.

    -Gommages are a peel away type of exfoliant that dries onto the skin and burrows deep into the pores and pulling them out once you peel off the exfoliant.

    -Chemical exfoliants use chemicals that either loosen or dissolve dead skin cell buildup. Alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxyl acids that are actually derived from fruit. If you are unsure of your skin type I do not recommend a chemical exfoliant only to avoid skin sensitivities, etc. Consult with a Dermatologist before using any chemical exfoliants.

   -Enzyme peels dissolve keratin protein in the surface skin cells. They are known as keratolytic enzyme or a protein dissolving agent. I would also recommend consulting with a Dermatologist before picking just any enzyme peel, as they can cause irritation to some skin types. There are two different types of enzyme peels.

        -Cream-type are enzyme peels that contain papain, which means they contain paraffin or oatmeal. They are also considered a gommage as well.

        -Powder enzyme peels are the most popular and stay soft on the skin during application. Leaves skin feeling softer and more radiant. 

   -Moisturizers are products that help increase the moisture content of the skin surface. Moisturizers are ideal or used as a day cream or makeup base. Mixtures of humectants also known as hydrators or water-binding agents and emollients that holds in moisture.

   -Serums and Ampoules are single applications of concentrated products that generally contain higher amounts of ingredients that have an effect on the skins appearance. Serums and Ampoules are usually applied under a night cream.

   - Massage creams are lubricants to make the skin slippery during massage. If a massage cream is used on the face during a facial, it must be fully removed from the skin in order for other products to penetrate the skin.

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