Skin Analysis: The Brighton Salon Advantage for Men and Women Part 3.

To continue our journey on skin and product analysis, lets continue discussing the next type of products that are highly beneficial to that radiant Beverly Hills skin. 

We've already determined how to analyze the skin to determine the skin type and identify any skin conditions we may have. We have also discussed the types of skin care products, what they do, and who should be using them. Now we are going to cover facial masks.

Masks, or masques, are used to help a variety of skin disorders and help multiple skin types, but there are many different types and choosing the wrong mask can end up causing more damage to your skin.

 -Clay based masks are used for oily or combination skin types, and when you purchase a clay based mask it is ready to use and you just simply apply it to the skin. Clay based masks are generally oil absorbing cleansing masks, and have an exfoliation effect, as well as, an astringent effect, making pores temporarily appear smaller. 

 -Cream masks contain oils and emollients to hydrate the skin, as well as humectants, which help hold moisture to the skin. Cream masks are generally well suited for those of us with dry or even maturing skin types. If you have oily, combination, or acneic skin type using a cream mask can cause unsightly breakouts.

 -Gel masks often contain hydrators and soothing ingredients, and thus help plump surface skin cells with moisture. This helps make the skin look and feel more supple and hydrated. Gel masks are generally great for most skin types, but if you have sensitive skin, the soothing ingredients could cause irritation, so it may be wise to check in with your Dermatologist before picking just any old gel mask.

 -Treatment creams are fairly simple to explain. Treatment creams facilitate change in the skins appearance. They are generally great match for all skin types, as they help promote healthy glowing skin. 

 -Paraffin wax is used to tighten the skin and pores. The wax is melted a little and then poured onto the skin and left to harden slightly to a candle-like consistency. You then peel the hardened wax off leaving the skin feel like silk and the pores sealed tightly and no longer visible. Paraffin wax is great for most skin types, but acneic skin may have some troubles reacting properly as the wax may seal in even more impurities.

 -Modelage masks contain crystals or gypsums, which have a plaster-like consistency. These masks are most commonly used during a facial, but it is never recommended to perform facial massage while using this product as it heats up and cools down and may cause skin irritation on some skin types. 

 -Gauze is a thin, open meshed fabric. Gauze is used to hold the mask tightly against the skin. The benefit of gauze is to allow the ingredients to seep through the fabric and really let the skin reap the benefits of the masks. 

 So now that we are fully familiarized with the different types of masks we can act accordingly. Although, along with proper cleansing and treatments, we have to worry about the muscles of the face and massaging them often to keep the elastin and collagen fibers active in the skin to avoid those signs of again. Stay tuned for part 4 of our mini skin series to learn how YOU can be a timeless beauty with that beautiful Beverly Hills skin.

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