Updos: The know-how on perfecting your Beverly Hills Hair Styles Part 1.

We are all aware that putting hair up is fun and can even be extremely creative, but do you ever find yourself taking on an updo from a photo and shortly after your mastered creation is finished it starts to fall loose, or fall completely?? 

Not anymore. There are some basic tips that Brighton Salon is going to share with you to help you become a pro. In this series we will be discussing ponytail anchors, bobby pin anchors, bobby pin locks, and backcombing. Once you understand HOW to pin the hair your limit of updos is only that of your own creativity.

Ponytail Anchors are when you use one or a series of ponytails in the hair to use to pin the rest of the hair into in order to create a hair style. The hair that remains outside of the ponytail may be knotted, pin curled, twisted, looped, and draped in any fashion then pinned into the ponytail.

Bobby pin anchors is when you take two bobby pins that are pinned down on the head in the form of an "X". Comb the section of hair either across, upward or downward motion (depending on how you want to place the hair). 

Taking one bobby pin, pin the base of the section and then using the second pin, open the bobby pin wide and slide it over the entire bobby pin that is secured in the hair to for an "X". Then design the hair on the section placing it over the bobby pins and secure it using a hair pin taking small amounts of hair twisting then sliding it under the bobby pins.

Bobby pin locks are when we use bobby pins to create a shape on the head and then the hair is rolled into that shape and pinned down using hair pins to secure the shape. To begin you may choose to use backcombing to ass texture to the hair. It is then smoothed over and starting from the bottom secure a bobby pin going in the direction of the shape you wish to create.

 Taking a second bobby pin to continue to pin in your shape locking the pin much like the bobby pin anchor technique except this time push the pin all the way through to the end of the pin. Continue with this process until you reach the end of the area of the head you are building the shape.

Backcombing is used to help add volume and texture to the hair so that we are able to mold and create shapes. In order to create proper backcombing and not just knotting up the hair, hold the section of hair with taunt tension and place the tail comb (teasing comb) at the top of the section and push to the base (scalp) of the hair. You'll want to repeat this until you have the amount of backcombing in the hair to achieve the shape or volume that you desire.

One final tip: PRODUCTS! Products are always used in the hair when styling updos to help with control, molding, and securing the hair in place. When using a product you'll want to make sure that you are using just enough so that the hair remains natural and soft. Not allowing the hair to get too stiff or hard. A natural, soft, shinny, and controlled look are what are always desired in a Beverly Hills Hair Style, especially when it comes to Updos.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will be discussing Setting the hair using Ponytail sets.

Have questions on Part 1?? Post your comments in the comment box below and Team Brighton will answer your updo questions.

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