Updos: The know-how on perfecting your Beverly Hills Hair Styles Part 2.

So now that we have discussed the proper pinning techniques to make that Beverly Hills hair style stay in place, lets discuss some alternative methods of styling updos.

Ponytail sets are a quick and easy way to obtain body into the hair for updos. Ponytail sets are usually done on hair that is completely dry.

In order to create a ponytail set you section out the amount of hair that is needed for the set.

Begin combing the hair towards the top, or crown area of the head, making sure that you are getting a nice smooth surface from scalp to ends within the hair. Any bumps pr knots in the hair will create a kink or lump in the set leaving an unfinished look when creating your updo.

Then you will secure the ponytail with an elastic band; do not wrap too tightly as the elastic band may create a band mark in the hair.

Divide the hair into as many sections as needed to create pin curls off of the ponytail. The smaller and more pin curls you have the more body and wave you will have, the larger the pin curls the less body and wave you will have. Create the type of pin curl you will need for the body desired in the hair to create the updo.

Using a bobby pin secure each curl onto the head. Using a blowdryer or diffuser, heat the hair that is pinned. After allowing the hair to cool, pull down the pin curls.

Be sure to brush through each curl to soften the hair from the set before taking down the ponytail. Remove the ponytail and use your fingers to separate the hair before beginning your updo.

So now that we know how a ponytail set works (an easier and quicker way than thermal curling) We can create different updos that will be sure to turn heads in Beverly Hills.

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