Updos: The know-how on perfecting your Beverly Hills Hair Styles Part 3.

We have learned so far the benefits of using a ponytail set, so lets move on to Roller sets and the benefits they offer you in achieving your beautiful Beverly Hills hair styles.

Roller sets may be done on wet or dry hair; you may use a variety of types of rollers to achieve a roller set like: rollers, hot rollers, velcro rollers, or pin curls. The main benefit of all of these types of rollers would be volume. The most popular image of a roller set can be seen on any image you search of Jackie Kennedy.

First you must decide how much volume you will want in your hair. For more volume set the hair on base so that the roller sets right on top of the section, for less volume and a more natural flow to the base of the hair, set the hair off base so that the roller sets in behind the section, and for EXTREME volume, over-direct the hair so that the roller sets in front of the section.

Starting in the front, take a section of hair about the width and size of the roller you are using and begin rolling the hair towards the crown of the head using maximum tension. You'll want to continue this process until you reach the crown area of the head.

When you begin to roll the side sections of hair (above and slightly behind the ears), take triangle-like sections at the hairline and roll the hair up towards the crown area. Using a brick laying pattern in this area will help to avoid any gaps or indentations when you relax the set later on. Continue this pattern and technique until you have wrapped the entire side. Be sure to duplicate placement on the other side of the head as well.

In order to wrap the back of the head, it may be best to look down at your toes and use your sense of touch to feel the movements you are making. Take your first section from the hairline and clip the rest up so that it is not in your way. Begin rolling the hair upward towards the crown area. In this section you will also want to use the brick laying pattern to avoid gaps, holes, or unevenness throughout the back.

Using a small amount of volumizing hair spray or prepping product, spray lightly over the roller set to help strengthen the set. You want to be sure to use a product that will best help the strength you will need for the type of updo that you are creating.

At this point you will want to put heat on the rollers, even if you are working with dry hair. Heating the hair will help create a stronger wave or curl in the hair. Always remember that after applying heat that you will want to allow time for the hair to cool down and harden around the roller to ensure total body and volume in the hair.

Finally, remove the rollers and using either your fingers or a nylon bristled brush to break up the set. Using a paddle brush, comb through the hair to ensure that you do not have any roller marks left at the scalp area. Backcombing may be needed if you find any holes or marks on the hair.

At this point the hair is workable in order to being styling that Beverly Hills hair style.

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