Updos: The know-how on perfecting your Beverly Hills Hair Styles Part 4.

We have finally come the final technique in conquering those Beverly Hills updos in +Brighton Salon. Curling Iron Sets (which is our favorite in the salon).

Curling Iron Sets are the best simply because you have a few more options as far as your tool is concerned. You can chose you use a small, medium, or large size barrel curling iron. The size really depends on the amount of volume and wave you want in your hair style.

Another reason curling iron sets are so great is that they are used to help give a defined curl pattern to areas of the hair, give accents of wave, and simple body to help support the updo in which you are creating.

To start, as I said before, choose the curling iron barrel size that you wish to achieve, while being sure that you allow the curling iron to heat thoroughly so that perfect curl will be reached.

Place the curling iron about mid-shaft down on the hair that is to be curled. Holding on to the ends of the hair that is not placed in the curling iron, wrap downward to the base of the section so that the hair rolls around the curling iron. Always be sure to place a heat resistant comb between the iron and the scalp to make sure you don't accidentally burn yourself or someone else.

Opening and closing the iron, slide the iron upward feeding the ends of the hair into the iron. Wrapping downward to the base of the section again, repeat these steps until the ends are completely fed into the iron and curled. 

(By not curling all the way down to the ends you will create what our hair stylists call a "fish hook curl", which looks similar to a fish hook and the ends of the curls are not consistent with the rest of the curls).

Once the section is curled, pin it using a roller clip so that it may cool into the form of the curl you've just created. This is also considered "relaxing the set".

Continue to curl the entire head or sections of hair that you need to have the curl in to support the look of the finished updo or hair style.

To finish this technique you will want to spray the hair with the appropriate products for hold, while still being manageable and pliable to work with so you can style the updo accordingly. After you have created and pinned your look, then you can finish the hair style off with a firm hold hair spray to ensure that it says properly and avoid flyaway's as well ( +Oribe Hair Care offers great light, medium, heavy hold hair sprays and Brighton Salon has them all!).

So now that you are up to date on your Beverly Hills hair styling techniques for updos and how Team Brighton will prep your hair for the perfect hair style that will walk out of any Salon in Beverly Hills, do you have any questions???

Post comments in the comment box below and Brighton Salon Stylists will answer your questions!

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