Beverly Hills Hairstylist: Brighton Salon's Shauneil Evans.

+Brighton Salon welcomes and adores our amazing hair extensions specialist, Shauneil Evans. Shauneil trained and received her cosmetology education from Marinello Cosmetology Institute in Los Angeles, California.

Originally from the hospitality state of smiles and warm welcomes Shauneil was born and raised in Mississippi. That couldn't be any more fitting as Shauneil is a true Southern Belle with the biggest heart and brightest smile in the salon. 

Shauneil has always had a passion for hair, so she decided to make it her lifestyle. If you were to ask Shauneil what she specializes in she always replies " Enhancing beauty by making hair beautiful".  

Shauneil has been in the cosmetology industry for five years. Her favorite service that she performs on her clientele is all about the hair extensions. Being that she specializes in all types of extensions, Shauneil is in high demand throughout Beverly Hills. She believes that hair extensions can transform an entire look and really boost confidence in women everywhere.

  All photos are of Shauneil's work, the final two are of her extension clients. The top right photo is +Nicki Edelson who has a blunt angled bob. The extensions that Shauneil put in Nicki's hair were 22" bead extensions. You would never be able to tell that Nicki's hair is above her shoulders they are so perfectly blended.

The client at the bottom has clip in hair extensions that Shauneil applied and styled to blend with the clients natural hair. Beyond BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

To book with Shauneil reach out to us at the salon, or on one of our social media links below. 

Oh, and by the way.. Brighton Salon offers FREE hair extensions consultations. So why not stop in to see what our amazing stylists can do to help transform your look for the summer!

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