Famous Redheads: Looks You’ll Love

Red hair is the rarest hair color in the entire world. In America, an estimated 2-6% of the population have red hair. The majority of the world’s redheads hail from Scotland and Ireland where the red head gene abounds!
Red hair has always enjoyed an exclusive reputation. It’s so rare, so unique, that it may as well be a unicorn. Red hair is evocative of danger, raw, unbridles sensuality, lust, rage, passion, fire (and feistiness), a sense of urgency and a special kind of sultriness. Redheads draw attention like red traffic lights force traffic to stop. Just like a red dress, red hair is a siren. It takes a certain kind of woman to embrace red hair and all the show stopping excitement that it enforces.
If you’re considering going red and require some hair inspiration, take a look at some looks you’ll love!
Rita Hayworth
Few would forget flame haired Rita Hayworth, the sizzling starlet who emblazoned the screen in the 40s. Even as a star on the black and white screen, Rita burnt with a bright sweet sultriness that was offset by the fierceness of her red hair. Despite her gentle, passive demeanor, Rita really rocked the red hair. She shows that you don’t necessarily need to be fiery and feisty to suit such a flame mane. The contrast against her dark eyes also adds an earthiness to Rita’s trademark look. 
Jessica Rabbit
Okay, we know she’s fictional, but you can’t deny that Jessica Rabbit, matching her long red locks with a traffic stopping dress and sleepy hooded eyes is very much a fixture in the public consciousness. 
Jessica fixed the public with a perception that redheads had the edge even over blondes when it came to being the ultimate bombshell. 
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Isla Fisher
Isla first appeared in Home and Away before skyrocketing to fame in Hollywood. The diminutive starlet is as petite and delicate as they come but her loudest asset has always been her long red hair. This is another secret when it comes to red hair. Are you listening? Going red is a great way to ruffle up a cutesy vibe with a little recklnessness. Red hair can add personality and really help a star stand out in a swathe of bottle blondes. 
Lily Collins  
Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins, went red when she played Clary in the Immortal Instruments film. Lily opted for a darker shade of red that added drama and vampiness to her look. Red hair comes in so many shades, tones and colors that you can embrace an endless array of looks. Regardless of your coloring, there is a shade of red that will suit. Darker shades can really bring life to paler skin. 
Geri Halliwell
Geri is perhaps the ultimate red head for many girls growing up with 90s pop. Ginger spice as she was known was a vivid, vivacious and voluptuous redhead with two streaks of bold blonde framing her face. Geri’s strong look made her a stand out character and her strong, fun and feisty personality was mirrored in her dynamic look. 
Jessica Chastain  
Jessica Chastain, a rare natural redhead has called her color ‘a badge of honor’ and quite rightly. If you are naturally blessed with red hair, you could follow Jessica’s lead and wear it naturally, bolded with a strong red lip and creamy skin tone. If you’re lucky enough to be bestowed with such beautiful color, let it do its thing undeterred! 
Amy Adams  
Amy Adams is one of America’s most beloved modern day stars and for good reason. Amy is actually not a natural redhead but claims that going red was the first step to her standing up and ricocheting up the ladder to fame. Just as Marilyn Monroe (a born brunette) transformed her fate with a bottle of blonde dye, Amy changed her stars by going red. Who says that hair color can’t change the world?