Gentlemen prefer blondes: The world’s most famous blondes

Second only to red, blonde hair is one of the rarest hair colors in the world. Associated with bombshells and youth, blonde hair captivates the imagination with a sense of lightness, playfulness and elusiveness. Being blonde can feel like being part of some elusive (and highly coveted) club.

They say that gentlemen prefer blondes and that blondes have more fun. These celebrities represent the blonde sisterhood better than anyone.
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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn is perhaps the ultimate blonde bombshell, popularizing the highly heralded adage, ‘gentlemen prefer blondes.’ Born a brunette, Marilyn came to life when she went blonde. Alongside her bright red lip, artificial mole and bright blue eyes, Marilyn brought breathy, ditzy glamour to blondes everywhere. 
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Cameron Diaz

Beach girl Cameron has always been a natural beauty with her tousled blonde locks, baby blue eyes and chilled, surfer girl charisma. Being blonde matches Cameron’s easy, light, fun and playful personality. 
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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has dabbled with many a shade but always finds home as a blonde. Sometimes she goes bright and brassy but she’s also embraced a slightly warmer, toned down shade. The big, bold diva becomes almost lionlike with her blonde mane.
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Jessica Simpson

Many have tried (and failed) to become the modern day Marilyn, complete with a playful caricature of nativity and unworldliness. Jessica shot to fame as a pop star with a big set of pipes. Her blonde hair/dark eye combination set her head and shoulders above her peers.
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Paris Hilton

Socialite Paris is virtually a human Barbie. Tall and lithe, her blue contact lenses and blonde hair extensions suit her all-American girl brand. 
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Charlize Theron

Showing that blonde can be sophisticated as well as silly, Charlize is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities, celebrated for taking her craft so seriously. Charlize adds an Amazonian element to her blondeness. 
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The Queen of Pop herself has pretty much always been a blonde despite being an Italian American from the wrong side of the tracks. Madge is one of the more iconic blondes breezing from icy to warm to brassy in no time at all.
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Scarlett Johansson  

Scarlett evokes old Hollywood glamour and class with her beautiful shade of blonde which warms her creamy skin and light blue eyes. Scarlett is still a gorgeous brunette but she is utterly transformed with blonde hair.
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Grace Kelly  

Another iconic blonde, Grace’s blonde lends her gentleness, poise, sophistication and vulnerability rendering her a little girl lost. It would hard to view Grace as a bimbo and yet the blonde really lends an innocence and serenity to her look.